20 APR 2017

General Election 8th June 2017

Kent Messenger Column - 20-04-17  Ever since the tumultuous events that followed the referendum result less than 10 months ago it has been my strong view that our country needed stability and certainty as we navigated our course to leave the EU. General elections do not usually lend themselve...

13 APR 2017

Syrian sarin gas attack

Kent Messenger Column - 13-04-17 In August 2013 over 1400 people are reported to have died, including 426 children, when Sarin gas was used against the people of Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus in Syria. Our Parliament voted on military intervention specifically to prevent President Assad from contin...

06 APR 2017

Fant Farm

Kent Messenger Column – 06-04-17 Fant Farm. For local people two words synonymous with a priceless Medway valley view and a haven for nature; a vital buffer between the urban and the rural in our county town, and the subject of avarice by speculative housing developers for all of my ten year...

30 MAR 2017

Westminster Attack

Kent Messenger Column - 30-03-17 The appalling attack in Westminster last Wednesday was a sick homage to nihilism by a deranged and lost soul. I don't see religion being involved here, just plain evil and mal-intent. I feel so much for the families and friends of the dead and injured, desperately...

23 MAR 2017

Howard Interns: a week in British Politics

Kent Messenger Column - 24-03-17 Taylor and Mirabella present Helen with a gift depicting Howard University In last week's column I heralded the arrival of two young female politics students from Howard University in Washington D.C. for a week with a British MP. Here is an extract of Mirabella ...

16 MAR 2017

Howard mini-internships

Kent Messenger Column - 16-03-17 As I write (Monday 13th) MPs and Peers are today preparing to cast their historic final votes to trigger Brexit. For me this is not goodbye Europe, it is all about 'Hello Rest of the World' and a good (albeit small) example of my own international outreach took a t...

09 MAR 2017

Brexit and The Lords

Kent Messenger Column - 09-03-17 The House of Lords is in the headlights once again, this time on two separate fronts. Our Upper Chamber is the subject of a current BBC2 documentary 'Meet the Lords', and more vitally the Brexit legislation (which will allow the Prime Minister to trigger the process...

03 MAR 2017

Fair School Funding For All

Kent Messenger Column - 03-03-17 Schooling is a subject which evokes great passion and interest. The Prime Minister has been clear that education is a critical component of her plan to drive up social mobility and many of us also have a personal stake in the system through our sons, daughters, niec...

24 FEB 2017

Calling time on the abuse of MPs

Kent Messenger Column - 24-02-17  When I started thinking about standing for Parliament, an experienced MP and friend told me 'it's the roughest toughest career in the world and you will need your bullet proof vest'. I suffered bullying as a child and learned how to handle myself at an early ...

17 FEB 2017

National Cyber Security Centre

Kent Messenger Column – 17-02-17 The digital revolution has been undeniably transformational, bringing endless opportunities through vast social and economic change. Like all great revolutions however, it presents new risks to our safety. Moving forward one of our greatest challenges as a nat...

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